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Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapist, qualifying from the London School of Sports Massage with a BTEC Diploma. 

REPS Level 4 Personal Trainer, specialising in pre & post natal training, lower back pain and injury rehabilitation. 

I am passionate about health and wellness. I work closely with clients to treat their individual needs. 

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Soft tissue therapy combines sports and remedial massage with advanced tissue techniques. Each treatment is tailored to the individuals' needs, the pressure applied and techniques chosen will vary from one client to another. 

Techniques used include neuromuscular technique, soft tissue release, muscle energy technique and myofascial release.  

Benefits include: 


  • Releasing muscle tension and stress 

  • Breaking down scar tissue and adhesions 

  • Addressing postural imbalances 

  • Aiding the healing process and recovery from injury

  • Boosting circulation and removing toxins from muscles 

  • Promoting wellness and relaxation 

  • Improving flexibility 

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